Welcome to my site!

Please join me while I embark on a new year and brand new journey!  Even though I sold my business in 2014, I cannot say the transition has been a piece of cake. In fact, I am not sure which was more stressful, running the business day to day or living day to day not knowing what I was going to do next. Well that was the old story I was carrying around with me till I dug a bit deeper.

During my journey I have learned that one thing is certain, I have definitely experienced a tremendous amount of successes and hardships along the way. And that I still have so much more to experience and learn. 2021 is sure to be no different. 

This is the perfect time for a significant change and alignment. Time to be willing to accept that personal abundance is available for every human on the planet. Not only for our own well being, but for the sake of humanity.

And I hope that together we can not only improve our own lives but inspire that in others to do the same. We are all lighthouses and each person on the planet has one.

I have a considerable amount of experience as someone who has tried just about everything it seems under the sun on my trek to achieve pure bliss and happiness. I definitely have the scars and character lines to prove it, even though some of them run much deeper than the surface.

Look, I know we have all had our own struggles and victories over the years, but perhaps, maybe something I share could save one person from making the same mistakes I have. But like many of us have learned, a few bad decisions can drastically knock you off your course.

And then there are moments like when you have some serious connection and guidance from others, like mentoring, coaching and even meeting strangers, that have been there and done that, could actually take a long way.

A significant shift is happening at this moment, and I know if we band together to help one another, there is no limit to what we can achieve! What are we going to do to make a positive impact on the world and in our own communities?  How will we show up to our partners? Our families? Our lives?

Most importantly, how can we find peace of mind in our lives so that we can be of service to others? We are all still learning.

Breakthrough Coaching, Self Care, Mindfulness and Massage/Spa Consulting are my primary focus at this point in my story, and this website will reflect that. Careers and life are just full of many surprises, so anything is possible. I don’t know about you, but I intend on savoring every morsel of it.

Life does not take a day off, so you need to really nurture it and embrace it now, or it will pass you by, whoops, there it goes! 😉