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Cynthia has been in the massage industry since March 1999. She has studied all over the globe, which has enabled her to blend that experience and knowledge into her own unique style, providing a therapeutic and relaxing combo. She enjoys it as much as her clients, because to her, it is an honor and a lost art form. Cynthia believes there is room for both neuro muscular and relaxing modalities. We do not have to sacrifice one for the other. She likes to incorporate a healthy balance leaving the clients feeling overwhelmingly satisfied.

No fancy equipment here and not much overhead these days. Cynthia was founder/owner of a popular massage business in Buckhead, Atlanta, GA for over 15 years. She knows what it takes to run and manage a team, but prefers to focus more on the clients at this point in her career. But you never know where this journey may lead her to next.

Cynthia is madly in love with all aspects of healing but massage is her first passion. In fact she loves it so much so she can actually do it literally with her eyes closed. 😉

Massage and EFT is her gift to the universe, especially those who are really struggling to find freedom from pain, whether it be physically or emotionally. She not only has the knowledge and training, but she has firsthand experience with overcoming many of the same issues.

Her work keeps evolving so you just have to experience it for yourself. You can check out the testimonial page here for starters.


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