My FAvorite ThinGS

RTT Training by Marissa Peer- Any blocks or beliefs holding back?  You are not alone.  I use to struggle with them all the time and had tried just about everything under the sun. I have read most of the self-help books out there and Marissa is the first one to actually get it right.  Her decades of work already back up everything I already believed, but I never had any evidence to back it up till Marisa came into my life. I highly recommend her and all of her programs.  Please feel free to contact me with any questions.

Mindvalley Check out all of the awesome courses, classes and workshops below:

Quick read that everyone should have and pass on: 

The Four Agreements- Back in 2007, I worked with a personal trainer who just happened to be a spiritual mentor for me by default.  He is still sharing his experience, strength and knowledge to everyone that he works with whether it be in marshal arts or personal training.  It was such a privilege to have him in my life and I will forever be grateful.  So it is my duty to pass it on.  It is an easy and short read, so even if you are not an avid reader, you can read within a day or less.

Dr. Joe Dispenza–  Anything you can read or watch on you-tube about this guy, I suggest you do it right now, don’t waste another minute and get familiar with this amazing doctor, author, speaker and leader.

My favorite Podcast currently:  For the past year, I have been really getting into podcast in my car or when I exercise. The one that I have connected to the most so far is My Seven Chakras. It has so many wonderful and pertinent guests.  It is really perfect for our current times.  Check it out. – One of my mentors.

Vipassana Meditation-  Back in 2013, It was suggested to me by one of my massage therapists to try Vipassana to help me with my anxiety.  At first, I thought it was insane to even think of meditating for ten hours a day for ten days and at the same time do all of it in silence.  It was a challenge, especially since we were not allowed to use any devices of any kind. We were not allowed to read, write or interact with others.

But I did it and it was truly an eye opening experience to say the least.  I had some pretty interesting things that happened within me, and I got a bit freaked out to be honest.  Even though I did not continue the practice during that time, the knowledge I took with me has served me well today. 

Today I have a solid foundation for my meditation practice that I can use for a lifetime.  I would suggest Vipassana to everyone. There are absolutely no distractions from the outside world and no interaction with participants.  Just you and your thoughts.


Sadhgru “Look at everything as an infant does-absorbing everything, not judging anything, not labeling anyone.  Another wonderful week long meditation and breathing workshop I attended back in 2007.  Lately I have discovered that all of this past work I have done and hours of self exploration has actually paid off.  My meditations have so much more depth and understanding.

Another book I found helpful around ten years ago while taking a class on meditation.

Favorite New Things: