I have known and worked with Cynthia over the last 15 years. She is an excellent business person with an enormous amount of knowledge specific to the massage therapy industry. Jennifer Curtin founder Skintherapy Medical Spas

“Cynthia Schaub is the most talented and professional massage therapist I know. I highly recommend her business as she puts all her heart and soul into her art. She takes the time and effort to expand her knowledge of massage so that she can deliver the best experience possible for all her clients. She treats all people with the upmost respect and makes you feel like part of the family.” Laura Roesler, Atlanta, GA

” Cynthia, you were my first employer out of massage school, and I felt so grateful because you normally didn’t hire freshly graduated students. I felt so lucky to be able to work along other, carefully selected and seasoned therapists! I absolutely loved working at BMC and I learned so much from you!!! I will always be grateful for the amazing reference letter you wrote me before I moved – it helped me get a lot of good jobs! You were also the first one to introduce me to incorporating essential oils into my massages. I have nothing but great memories of us working together. You were an awesome boss!💛” Gosia Fogt

I have known Cynthia since 2003. I had the honor of working with her in Atlanta, and I have experienced many of her therapeutic modalities over the years. Cynthia is constantly learning new healing techniques which makes her a well-rounded therapist.  She is nurturing and attentive to every situation I encounter.  She leaves me feeling calm, balanced and revigorated to keep moving forward in my life. 
Cynthia has recently added Tapping to her portfolio.  She has used Tapping with me and it helped surface some of my developed patterns.  Afterwards, I contemplated and came to accept the situations that developed, leaving me with more peace.  Just imagine coming to peace with most of your “life scars” with a warm-hearted, empathetic therapist, such as, Cynthia.
It is each person’s responsibility to work within the process along with Cynthia.  And when you do, your life will expand with more opportunity to grow. She is amazing! Heather Russo CPA